How can solar energy save your money?

Steps for Going Solar

1. Consultation

Solar energy can save you up to 70%* of your electric bills. You should be informed of all options and possible outcomes of your solar system. At the free consultation, our Solar Consultant will discuss with you about your current and future energy consumption, your construction conditions, and your financial budget. With expertise and experience, the consultant will provide you with the most beneficial options and how solar energy save your money. You will also see the draft model of how the solar panels will look on your roof, touch the actual products, and test their durability.

2. Site Survey and Design

After the consultation, you are now confident of going solar with us. Our Solar Technician will conduct a site survey to examine the roof structure and determine the optimal location to install solar panels. Then our Designing Team will sketch a plan set which satisfies all construction rules, aesthetic, and production. The purpose of these steps is to ensure the quality and efficiency of the solar panels staying on your roof for more than 25 years after installation.

3. Permit and Installation

As with other construction projects, solar installation requires many kinds of permits and approval. Our Permit Runners will act fast and efficiently to keep you from the long wait. After obtaining the permits, the materials will be delivered to your house and our skillful Installation Team will ensure each panel is installed perfectly on your roof and the solar system can save you the most money. The Project Manager and Technical Manager will follow the process to provide you with the best customer service experience.

4. Inspection and Activation

After installation, the Technical Manager will carefully inspect your whole system to ensure it meets all standards. Then we get the PTO (Permission-to-Operate), and the installation team will connect your system with the utility company to allow your excess production to flow back into the grid, so you can get the credit from utility company later on.

5. Monitoring and Saving

You can monitor your system production through our user-friendly application that we install on your mobile devices. Or you can call our Customer Support to have the update for your system production, panel by panel, and how much solar energy save you money. We will also remind you of annual maintenance and will provide the first annual maintenance for free. You will see your energy bills reduced right away. All you have to think is how to use the saved money.

6. After-sales Services

Now you own the system with the best 25-year warranty for product, production, and workmanship. If you have any questions at any point of your contract, please contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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