Operation & Maintenance

O&M Process

Power plant O&M is the ongoing process of sustaining the performance of systems according to design intent Needs, and optimum efficiency levels. The O&M process helps sustain a power plant’s overall profitability by addressing un-interrupted optimum power supply. The essence of O&M contract is to relief our customers from additional burden of power plant management so that they can put maximum of time and efforts in their core business and at the same time feel relaxed and protected due to presence of safe hands 24 Hour a day and seven days a week, year round.

Equipment Reliability & Efficient Operation

Efficient operation, in the context of O&M, refers to activities such as scheduling equipment and optimizing energy and comfortcontrol strategies so that equipment operates only to the degree needed to fulfill its intended function. Maintenance activities involve physically inspecting and caring for equipment.

These O&M tasks, when performed systematically, increase reliability, reduce equipment degradation, and sustain energy efficiency.

Plant’s Management

Hiring and firing of staff

Daily working schedule

Operational management

Registering operating/maintenance data

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